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Just got back from seeing Comedy Is Hard!, the play in which Micky Dolenz is currently starring (along with Joyce DeWitt, of Three’s Company fame). Absolutely wonderful play, from start to finish: Well-written, well-acted, and great set production values. Micky and Joyce were the two main characters, Lou and Kay, and they had fantastic chemistry with each other. There was a whole lot of comedy and hilarity, but also a certain sweetness and pathos to the story and characters, and I was very impressed with Micky’s acting range (and he’s just a really cool dude overall).

Also, by some miracle, my friend and I were in the front row, and so several times I had an in-your-face close up view of Micky’s sweatpants-clad crotch, which…was more than I really needed. Haha. But still, very happy to have had good seats for this show, and I definitely recommend it to anyone and everyone. So if you’re anywhere near CT, be sure to go see Comedy Is Hard! if you can!

Alan Cumming, Michelle Williams, Emma Stone and More Will Be Featured on Kit Kat Calendar 2015

Possible TMI-ing here. Proceed at your own risk…

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The Butterfly and the Bear

Once upon a time, there was a butterfly and a bear.

They became friends when they were little, fast frends, because the bear didn’t get along with the other bears and the butterfly didn’t get along with the other butterflies. They met and became friends because they thought they were the same.

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Is anyone else having problems with their fan mail? Bess sent me a message and I can’t read the full thing because when I click “Read More” it just goes back to the top and doesn’t show the rest. I tried it on both browsers and on my phone, and still nothing. Anyone have any thoughts?

thesecondgleam replied to your post “And now we’ve arrived at the melancholy/crying portion of our evening…”

You deserve to cry & mourn the loss of the friendship…But in my opinion, she doesn’t deserve tears. She treated you like shit for too long & if she ever did care it was long ago. I wouldn’t give her a second thought & move on to focusing on better things & better friends, which you have so many of. That craphead doesn’t deserve your energy, and if she knew how upset you were now, I bet she’d just laugh, cause she’s a piece of shit. Cheer up, AGrav :) *ehug*

*Hug* Thank you so much, HDeck. That is exactly what I am trying to do—move on—even though when I woke up today, the first thought in my mind was things I wish I would’ve said to her at the wedding. What hurt and made me so angry wasn’t what she said to me, so much as how she said it. But I feel better today than I did yesterday—and I think you are right, if she knew how upset I was, she wouldn’t care one bit—and I think things are going to get a little better each day as the memory of her fades.

Michael Nesmith - Keep On
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Gonna try my best right now to live by the words of this song…

And now we’ve arrived at the melancholy/crying portion of our evening…

Really wish I could erase this entire weekend or at least go back in time and redo it. where are Doc Brown and Marty McFly when I need them damn it

thank-your-lucky-stars replied to your post: The day after. It seems pertinent to s…

I remember reading all your posts about this and I was one of the ones who thought you should steer clear, but I certainly admired your courage to go! I’m so sorry it was horrible, and as I said on fb, this girl sounds like a real piece of work.

You are absolutely right that she is a real piece of work, and I do remember you warning me, too. I should have listened. We left before dessert, thankfully, but I just…I was so angry upon leaving that I was shaking. And I never get that angry. I should have known how this was going to go, but like everything else, I had to learn the hard way. Ugh.