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Oh, praise the Lord, it is so nice to be back in my apartment with electricity! The power came back on yesterday, but I was at my parents’ house on Long Island, and they still don’t have power there, unfortunately. My mother was scheduled to fly to Texas today to visit relatives of ours, and by some miracle, LaGuardia was up and running and her flight was on schedule and she got to go. But now my poor dad is all alone at our house, in the dark. Hopefully the big-ass tree at the end of our street will be cut down soon, cause it is weighing down power lines, which definitely can’t be helping.

Now, to the business of cleaning out my fridge, buying new groceries while avoiding using too much gas (because of the giant lines at gas stations), and dealing with the backlog of questions in the NP Ask box…

  1. revychumso said: I’m so glad you’re safe and sound <3 I missed hearing from you on here. The gas thing is unbelievable right now. And the trains. Yeck. We got really lucky in my part of Brooklyn though considering.
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